Other popular German style biers

German bier styles are as varied as they are delicious!  Here are just a few we are exploring:

  • Pilsner – Lighter in body, drier, and a touch more bitter than its Czech counterparts.
  • German Helles – An early German take on a pilsner but more malt-driven & less hoppy than its Czech cousin.
  • Mailbock & Traditional Bocks – Strong, malty lager with 6-7% abv and a toasty, bready, slightly sweet flavour.
  • Doppelbocks – Stronger, more malty, and darker in colour.  Very rich with lots of caramelized sugar flavour notes.
  • Wheat Ales – A classic German style. Most commonly Hefeweizens with their cloudy appearance, and banana & clove-like aromas.
  • Kolsch – Easy-drinking mild fruity flavoured beer.   The Kolsch name is currently protected and only breweries in the city of Cologne can label their beer  as a Kolsch.
  • Berliner Weisse and Gose – Sour biers with a unique tartness and very refreshing.

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